I have designed workshops and training sessions that apply various training methods combined with specialist knowhow to prepare you and your staff optimally for various situations and issues.

International employee transfer

International staff transfer is now an essential part of today’s global matrix organisations with worldwide subsidiaries.

Preparing staff for deployment:
What’s the best way to prepare staff for longer postings abroad? What factors should be considered? I am happy to design workshops or training programmes tailored to your staff to prepare them optimally for posting abroad.

For management/HR staff when employees are due to be deployed abroad:
To enable management and HR staff to prepare their employees optimally for posting abroad, it’s essential that they themselves understand the basic situation in terms of employment law, social security and tax legislation. That’s a key part in managers convincing staff and enthusing them about the ‘posting abroad’ project. I can design for you, as the employer, manager or HR manager, a workshop tailored to your corporate situation that will prepare you optimally for the project ‘deployment of staff abroad’.

Management development

Staff in leadership roles face all sorts of challenges. As well as their outstanding specialist competencies, they need to have a range of leadership skills. The management is also expected to offer their staff an example in terms of goals and behaviours, as well as focus.

What’s the position of your managers in your company?
Do they have the necessary management skills and do they manage your teams/staff successfully? Do they act as role models and give their teams direction?

I am happy to help you develop your management and design for you and your managerial team workshops and training sessions specially tailored to your needs.

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Are you facing a process of organisational restructuring in your company?
Is a digital change imminent with the introduction of digital working processes?
The word ‘change’ evokes fear and uncertainty in many employees.  You need to take your staff by the hand skillfully and accompany them throughout the change process. Lead your most valuable asset, your staff, through any type of change in your company with care and respect. I will support you through this, and be by your side as a sparring partner to design workshops in which I explore with you and your HR department and staff the subject of transformation and prepare you for dealing with various corporate changes.


Do you feel that in some of your teams the employees lack motivation, efficiency and team spirit?
You are welcome to meet me for a free initial consultation to describe your situation so that we can develop approaches to designing team building training in your company.

“On your marks, get set, go!”

I am happy to integrate sport into the team building workshops and training sessions. As an enthusiastic endurance athlete and registered fitness trainer, I really enjoy giving your staff sport challenges as part of a workshop. Whether it is circuit training as a team, a 10 km forest run, a game of beach volleyball or another sports activity. Let me surprise you with the triumphant finale I can come up with. This sports activity can alternatively be booked as a sports highlight.