HR marketing and employer branding

Are you wondering how to improve your position in the market as an employer against your competitors? What steps are necessary to increase your attractiveness as an employer, to set yourself apart from your competitors and get ahead of them?

I will help you design a concept for developing and optimising your employer brand.
I will support you with the HR marketing involved in preparing for and appearing at jobs and careers fairs: from choosing the careers fair best suited to you and your company, to planning your appearance, organising and finalising the trade stand, to carrying out your trade fair appearance. Together we will make you attractive as an employer to applicants.
I will support you with consultation about your digital presence as an employer on social media, whether Xing, or LinkedIn etc.. I will help you shape your employer presence on various media channels.

HR marketing

  • Concept development
  • Development of the employer brand
  • Digital appearance

employer branding

  • Company guidelines
  • Employer branding concept
  • job fair appearances

Which staff retention measures do you already practice?
Which ones are you still missing? Let’s do a complete analysis together!
Are there values in your company from which a corporate culture can be derived for you and your employees?

If you answer this question with NO, it is time that we work together to define your own values and company guidelines and make your own corporate culture recognizable for everyone. The stronger your corporate culture, the greater your employee retention potential.
Employer branding as a whole is to be seen as a cycle of measures in the areas of personnel marketing, recruiting, employee retention and corporate culture. Only if you learn to relate the above-mentioned topics can this lead to a successful increase in the value of your employer brand.
Arrange a first free consultation with me and introduce your company to me. I would be pleased to support you in designing and implementing your own employer branding concept.

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