Born in Berlin, I then lived in various countries and grew up multi-lingual. My childhood and youth were shaped by my continually changing living circumstances and experiences in different cultures.

I studied law in Würzburg and Hamburg and discovered a passion for employment law.

After my law studies, I began working in human resources and in my first years as HR generalist for a German group looked after the staff at their European subsidiaries in Spain, France, Italy and England.

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I then worked for other European major corporations, developing the HR departments in their German subsidiaries and gained an in-depth knowledge of HR development, global mobility, recruiting, employer branding and employee retention.

I also supported several companies in their change processes or digital transformations.

In addition I had the opportunity to work with a foreign corporation on implementing compliance management in their German subsidiary.

My consulting focus includes the support of companies in transformation phases, caused by digitalization, globalization or internal organizational restructuring within the company itself.

In addition, I consult with SOCASPORTS (www.socasports.com) organizations and companies conceptually in the field of corporate health management. In addition, SOCASPORTS offers a small selection of corporate sports alternatives as well as yoga courses.

In addition, I regularly take on semester-long teaching assignments as a freelance lecturer at various universities in the subject areas of occupational health management, digital economy, economics and interculturality.

My private passions include travel, learning languages, art and endurance sports. I like to bring elements of these interests into my consultancy work. Let me surprise you.